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Insure with us!

We offer all types of insurance: Personal, Commercial, Farm, Life & Bonds too!

  • Life & Health
  • Nursing Home Insurance
  • Farms
  • Cattle
  • Crops
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Jet Skis
  • RV's
  • Apartments
  • Rental Homes
  • ATV Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Renter's Insurance
  • Mobile Homes
  • Teenage Drivers
  • Townships
  • Districts
  • Cities
  • Hard Luck Drivers (DWI, Accidents)
  • Ultra Preferred Drivers
  • Home/Auto Packages
  • Motocycle Insurance
  • Businesses
  • School Districts
  • Day Care Homes

1. Get an iPhone App for your home inventory.

See what Insurance Commissioner Praeger
says here.

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2. Save time and money by switching to Auto-Pay.

No checks to write, no stamps to buy, and your payment is on time every time. Also, your savings can range from $35 to $84 a year per policy!

3. Let us know if your car loan, home loan, or equipment loan is paid off.

That way any claim check will be made out to you alone, instead of you and the lender…Doesn’t save on premium but sure saves on the “hassle factor” at claim time!

4. We recommend a smoke detector in every bedroom, and at least one on every floor of your home.

Standard Smoke detectors are available for very little money ($6 to $15).

5. Auto Insurance Cards belong in the glove box of the vehicle.

You are required to show both registration and current insurance anytime you are asked. Call us if you need a “Proof Of Insurance” card!

6. Raising your deductible is a good way to lower insurance rates, IF you have the savings to pay the deductible!

A $500 deductible should accompany a $500 savings account, a $1,000 deductible when you have $1,000 in savings. (Or available on a credit card). Otherwise, pay the $10 or $20 a month more for your insurance and keep the deductible at $100 or $250 until your savings increases. Saving $120 a year to risk $1,000 if you hit a deer may not be worth the savings to you. Call us to discuss all your deductible options & associated savings!

7. Be sure and change your smoke alarm batteries when the time changes.

Did you know that 9-volt 10 year batteries (fairly new on the scene), can be had for $9 or you can now buy a smoke alarm with the 10 year Lithium Battery already in it for $16 to $35. Smoke Alarm Insurance Savings = 2% discount off your annual premium.

8. Replacement Cost Coverage on your Contents is a good idea!

Normally insurance pays you only for the Actual Cash Value of your items. So a 10 year Old couch & 5 year old TV may get you only garage sale type money. However, if you add “Replacement Cost Coverage” to your policy, the insurance pays for BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT! (no matter how old or depreciated your items were) This results in double or triple the insurance money and helps you recover from a loss much quicker. Call us to discuss Replacement Cost Coverage for your personal property. (Your savings at loss time could be in the thousands of dollars!)

Insurance Agents

Argonia Agents
Michael A. “Tony” Reiter, CISR - Agent, CISR (Certified Insurance Service Representative)
Todd L. Drouhard, CIC- Agency Manager, CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor)


*Insurance products are not covered by FDIC insurance.