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About Farmers & Merchants State Bank

Our History

Since 1901 The Farmers & Merchants State Bank has been serving Sumner, Harper and Sedgwick Counties in Kansas. Our slogan is “Large Enough To Serve You, and Small Enough To Care”. In 1957, an insurance agency became part of the bank.

The Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Argonia, Argonia, Kansas completed its first 100 years on October 2, 2001. As of that date, total assets of the bank were $16,250,069.11 and total capital was $1,645,798.89. Today the total assets of the bank exceed $36,000,000 and Capital Accounts exceed $3,000,000. The Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Argonia was chartered on October 2, 1901 with total capital of $6,000.

The original officers of the bank were F. M. Sumpter, President and R. S. Hammond, Cashier. Mr. Sumpter served as President until his death on August 18, 1922. There was no President of the bank from August 18, 1922 until January 1, 1923 when D. F. Hurst was elected President. Mr. Hurst served until October 6, 1925 at which time Bertha Sumpter, widow of F. M. Sumpter took over. On April 5, 1932, a special meeting of the stockholders was called for the purpose of “Making an assessment on the stock of said bank to cover the impairment of its capital, as is provided by Section 9-145 of the Revised Statutes of Kansas, 1923”. On March 21, 1933 the bank was closed by order of the board of directors and “placed in the hands of the Bank Commissioner of the state of Kansas for the purpose of taking charge of said Bank and of determining the advisability of a reorganization“. Following approval of a reorganization plan, on April 25, 1933, the Farmers & Merchants State Bank was granted a state banking charter and began the business of banking with $20,000 in capital. Mrs. Sumpter was again elected President and served until November 13, 1942.

Edward E. Wulf purchased the bank on November 11, 1942 and served as President until his death on June 19, 1948. Following the death of Mr. Wulf, no President was elected until September 30, 1948 at which time Karlton B. Wulf, Mr. Wulf's son, was elected. Karlton B. Wulf was President from September 30, 1948 until November 18, 1948. On November 18, 1948, Carl F. Peters was elected President and served in that position until March 15, 1949.

Leo F. Drouhard became President on March 15, 1949 and served in that position for 32 years, retiring on March 25, 1981. After serving as President, Leo continued as Chairman of the Board until his death on April 18, 1982. During Leo's presidency, the bank obtained FDIC insurance protection ($10,000) for its depositors on February 6, 1957; FDIC insurance is now $250,000. Also during Leo's tenure as President, the bank observed its 50th and 75th anniversaries, with the first remodeling of the bank occurring in 1951 and a second remodeling and expansion in the bicentennial year of 1976.

Leon A. Drouhard began his banking career in March of 1965 and was elected President on March 25, 1981, succeeding Leo F. Drouhard. Leon continues his 34th year as Chairman and CEO. During Leon's term, a third remodeling and expansion of the bank occurred in 1983, expanding the building by 2,500 square feet to its present 6,000 square feet. In 2002, a full service branch was established in the Sedgwick County community of Schulte. The Schulte branch was remodeled in 2006. In 2012, a complete renovation of the interior of the Argonia "home office" bank was completed, catering to a newly added two-lane drive through window and ATM.

The management of the bank has always had a strong commitment to the communities it serves, offering banking services, loans and insurance to individuals, farmers and small businesses. Current officers are: Leon A. Drouhard, Chairman,and CEO; Sharon L. Drouhard, Vice Chairwoman; S. Rene' Brozovich, President; Renee M. Adams, Sr. Vice President & Cashier; and Todd L. Drouhard, Sr. Vice President & Insurance Agency Manager & IT Officer, Richard Ciemny, Branch President. Other employees are Robin Luckner, Loan Officer & Processor, Ted Ladner, Ag Rep, Patty Love, Teller & Loan Processor, Jerika Dolley, Teller, Patricia Conklin, Teller, Sabrina Hemberger, Receptionist, Lillianna Santos, Teller, Tony Reiter, CISR, Agent and Gretchen May, CISR, Agent. Directors of the bank are Leon A. Drouhard, Sharon L. Drouhard, Robert E. Bakken, S. Rene' Brozovich, Todd L. Drouhard, Fred U. Puthoff, CPA, and Wayne M. Drouhard.